MPIC Help Returning Music to the Community

Location: Galway

Insured Peril: Storm damage

Incident: The church organ warped and buckled causing over €10,000 worth of damage.

Insurers position: The insurance policy for the church specifically outlined that they did not cover damage caused by fluctuations in temperature.  Therefore, they declined the claim on that basis.   The parish priest involved causally mentioned his situation to me and I offered to carry out a review and investigation of the incident in order to independently verify the insurers position. 

MPIC: We discovered that there was a burst pipe incident two months prior to the damage to the organ being discovered.  This led to the boiler and heating system being out of action for a period of time.  This resulted in a claim which insurers paid out on. 

This incident raised a red flag to MPIC and warranted further investigations in relation to the organ damage.   We then commissioned a report from an organ repair specialist and this confirmed that the damage to the organ related to the period of time when the heating in the church was not operational due to the burst pipe.

This in turn directly linked the damage to the organ with the burst pipe incident.  We were then successful in presenting a case to insurers demonstrating this link.  This enabled insurers to reconsider the position and pay the claim in full.  The parish priest and community were very grateful for the works MPIC carried out in facilitating returning the much loved organ back to its glorious self.