• Covid 19 Tips for Commercial Property Owners

    MPIC Tips for Commercial Property Owners During Spring and Summer months when temperatures are up, dealing with burst pipes is uncommon. However, give the number of commercial properties now vacant due to COVID 19, there is an increase in water pressure in many areas. This increase in water pressure is causing some older fittings to fail and is leading to view more

  • Prepare Your Home for Lorenzo, 8 Things You Need to Do Now

    Is your home storm ready? Hurricane Lorenzo is hitting speeds of 250kph as it hurtles across the Atlantic, potentially in our direction. Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Eoghan Murphy has warned that potentially “ferocious and dangerous” storm surges are expected when Storm Lorenzo reaches Ireland later this week. All too often, Manicle Property Insurance Claims deal with the view more

  • Manicle Property insurance Claims Help Keep Building Cool after Storm Ophelia

    Insured peril:   Storm damage (Storm Ophelia) Incident: Large air conditioning unit located on the roof of an industrial building weighing over 350 kg turned over in the strong winds of Storm Ophelia.  The unit had to be removed and replaced at a cost of €20,000. Insurer’s position: Insurer’s initially declined the claim on the basis that the air conditioning unit view more

  • MPIC Help Returning Music to the Community

    Location: Galway Insured Peril: Storm damage Incident: The church organ warped and buckled causing over €10,000 worth of damage. Insurers position: The insurance policy for the church specifically outlined that they did not cover damage caused by fluctuations in temperature.  Therefore, they declined the claim on that basis.   The parish priest involved causally mentioned his situation to me and view more


    Property owners nationally lost approx. €6 million due to under-insurance in 2015 Up to one in five people mistakenly reduced home insurance policies in recent years Householders are missing out on thousands of euro and in some cases tens of thousands when settling an insurance claim due to the under insurance of their property. In the wake of the economic downturn, view more

  • Storm Damage Insurance Claims? We Can Help


    Homeowners in the south east are reminded to be aware of the possibly of damage to properties during the predicted cold snap and stormy weather which forecasters have warned could see temperatures plummet to below zero in coming weeks. Forecasters have predicted that Ireland is facing a freezing December and January in particular, with temperatures to hit -10C accompanied by 100kph winds. Sean view more


    THE CENTRAL BANK says it is “concerned” by the findings of an inspection they carried out in to how insurance companies deal with customers and their claims for water and flood damage. The Central Bank of Ireland today published its findings from a themed inspection into household property claims resulting from water damage. They said they considered such a specialised report appropriate given view more

  • Insurance Companies employ experts to assess your claim therefore you should too. 

    Very often, people’s first response is “My insurance company’s assessor will take care of it”. What this really means is that a “loss adjuster” acting for the insurance company has been instructed to visit them. But what you’re perhaps unaware of is that the loss adjuster acts on the insurance company’s behalf with their interests in mind – they don’t get paid to ensure you get your full claim entitlement!

  • Water Damage

    If water damage occurs in your home from a burst water pipe or flooding it is very disrupting. Depending on the extent of the damage the house may not be liveable and you may have to live in temporary accommodation. This type of situation can be very stressful and dealing with insurance companies can also be a source of stress. At Manicle Property Claims we deal with the insurance companies and ensure you get full compensation available under your policy.

  • Over €30,000 was raised by the Strictly Lets Dance contestants

    On Behalf of Manicle Property Claims I just want to say a massive  thank you to everyone for there help and support over the last few weeks in exceed the fundraising goal for The Irish Heart Foundation.  Over €30,000 was raised by the Strictly Lets Dance contestants. Which was fantastic. The overwhelming support on the night made for a fantastic occasion.  view more

  • Irish Heart Foundation Strictly Let’s Dance Kilkenny

    Manicle Property Claims are delighted to be a sponsor and associated  with the Irish Heart Foundation Strictly Let’s Dance Kilkenny. The event itself is taking place in the Lyrath Estate Hotel Kilkenny  on Saturday 8th of June at 8pm.


    What does a loss assessor do? A loss assessor will: Attend immediately Prepare your claim Negotiate the best terms of your settlement on your behalf For what type of claim is a loss assessor needed? The services of a loss assessor should be sought for all claims following loss by fire, flood, theft, Burst pipes, storm, business interruption, oil and view more


    Did you know your insurance company is legally obliged to inform you their loss assessor acts in the insurance company’s interest not yours (7.9 Consumer Protection Code 2012). Your insurance company is legally obliged to notify you that you can appoint a Loss Assessor (Manicle Property Claims) to act in your interests in dealing with a claim (7.10 Consumer Protection Code 2012).