How it Works

​If you or your business have suffered a disaster such as a flood, fire or theft , you will have to face the complications and stress of making an insurance claim. Manicle Property Insurance Claims will takeaway this burden and represent your best interests to secure a maximum settlement under the terms of your insurance policy.


Why use a loss assessor 

Your insurance company will appoint a Loss Adjuster to deal with the claim. Dealing with your insurance claim loss adjuster it’s easy to forget that the loss adjuster you’re dealing with is employed by the insurance company to protect their interests, not yours. When you first meet them they will be very sympathetic and helpful. But a few weeks later, when they start to deal with the financial consequences of your loss, they’ll behave very differently.

They now have to decide what they will – and won’t – pay for, and the insurer will judge them on how much it will cost to settle your claim. So the loss adjuster’s overriding aim will be to minimize the amount you receive. ​Manicle Property Insurance Claims will deal with the loss adjuster on your behalf, ensuring your interests are protected at all times and that you receive the settlement you deserve.

​They are expert in acting in the insurance company’s best interest. You need a professional to act in your best interest to achieve your full entitlement under your policy. Manicle Property Insurance Claims will ensure you receive your entitlements. You wouldn’t go to court without a solicitor: you shouldn’t take on an insurance company without a professional on your side.

Household claims

Manicle Property Insurance Claims offers a complete claims management service, providing invaluable support, professional help and advice to you at this time of crisis. Acting on your behalf, we will ensure your claim is settled fairly and as quickly as possible.

Our highly-experienced residential Loss Assessor will be your single point-of-contact, sorting out all the details, answering all your questions, guiding you through the procedure and leaving you free to get on with your life. We’ll take over your complete claims process, including:-assessing and compiling your insurance claim.

– dealing with the insurer and their loss adjuster; attending all meetings on your behalf and responding to all letters.-laying out the options for you to choose how you want to settle your claim, for example, reinstating your property or agreeing a cash settlement.

-arranging alternative accommodation if you can’t stay in your property.

-organising specialist fire & flood restoration works and emergency repairs to your property.

In short, we take responsibility for everything, from start to finish. And it’s never too late to contact us: we can take over even if you’ve already started to make your claim, or if you’re unhappy with the settlement you’ve received.


Business insurance claims

If your business suffers a disaster such as a flood, fire or theft, you need to act quickly to safeguard its future. Working in partnership with you, we will:-find alternative factories, warehouses or offices as required. Manage emergency works, for example temporary roofing, electrical safety, control of asbestos.-negotiate interim payments to cover emergency costs, such as re-stocking, staff wages, and replacement plant and computers.-calculate your business interruption claim, including loss of profit and increased cost of working.-deal with the insurer and all their associates: their loss adjuster, investigator, broker, surveyor, contractors, solicitors, etc.

By handing responsibility for the insurance claim to a professional claims management organisation, you can focus all your efforts on getting your business back in operation.


Free half hour consultation.

 Take immediate advantage of our expertise with our free half-hour consultation.
​Whatever the size of your claim – from a small burst pipes claim to a major fire – this will give you a chance to get some valuable advice from a highly-experienced loss assessor.I will discuss with you:-What’s happened to you and your current position.
-The extent and limitations of the cover of your insurance policy.
-Any endorsements and warranties in your insurance policy.
-Your options for how your claim is settled.For your free half-hour consultation, please call
086 6655155 between 8.00am and 6.00pm and I will be delighted to talk to you at with no obligations.