Burglary Claims

Burglary insurance claim? We’ll help you out!

Manicle Property Insurance Claims provides the best claims management service in Ireland, both efficient and effective. We focus our efforts on behalf of you, our client, to:

  1. maximise settlements under the terms of your policy
  2. take out all the hassle and worry of dealing with an insurance claim

Complete Claims Management Service – burglary insurance claim

Manicle Property Insurance Claims offers a complete nationwide claims management service, providing invaluable support, professional help and advice to you at this time of crisis. We act on your behalf and we will ensure your claim is settled fairly and as quickly as possible.

We’ll take over your complete claims process and leaving you free to get on with your life.

This includes:

  • Assessing and compiling your burglary insurance claim.
  • Dealing with the insurer and their loss adjuster; attending all meetings on your behalf and responding to all letters.
  • Laying out the options for you to choose how you want to settle your claim, for example, reinstating your property or agreeing a cash settlement.
  • Arranging alternative accommodation if you can’t stay in your property.
  • Organising specialist restoration works and emergency repairs to your property.

In short, we take responsibility for everything, from start to finish. And it’s never too late to contact us: we can take over even if you’ve already started to make your claim, or if you’re unhappy with the settlement you’ve received


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