Loss Assessors and Loss Adjusters are both insurance claim professionals, but there is one key difference in their role during the insurance claim process; a Loss Assessor is appointed by and works solely for you, while a Loss Adjuster is appointed and paid by the insurance company.

Our initial advice is free and is offered with no obligation to become our client. At the very least, you will know what to do next in order to progress your insurance claim in the right way.

If you do want to engage with our service, we operate a no win no fee structure, with successful claims being paid at just 10% (plus VAT) of the claim settlement.

Assessors work for you and not the insurance company. Apart from the stress of dealing with an insurance claim on your own, there is the issue of property damage which must be inspected by a professional. Having a background in site management and construction, I undertake the most forensic assessments of damage which a home or business owner will not always consider. Issues can often manifest over time and cost you more money later on, so it’s important to assess damage correctly.

My experience as an adjuster also allows me to see the claim from the insurance company’s perspective and gives me enhanced knowledge of insurance contracts in order to aim for the maximum claim settlement under your policy.

Manicle Property Insurance Claims can manage your claim and ensure that you receive your full claim entitlement and a prompt, hassle free insurance settlement.

This can vary quite considerably. However, when we take control of the claim and get claims in a very timely manner.

Sometimes the level of complexity of a claim can have an impact on the speed of the claim. It might need additional supporting information, which we put together on behalf of the homeowner or business. It can typically take anything from two weeks, to up to six weeks.

For some of the more complex losses, it can take a number of months but we always advise you at the onset as to what the likely timeline will be.

This is a really good question to ask yourself. There are costs that can accrue in relation to making a claim. The most relevant on is that you might lose your no claims bonus.

The best thing to do is discuss your claim with an assessor before you make a claim.

No I work for you – the client. I am your advocate and representative in all matters relating to your claim, from initial assessments of the damage and report filing, to negotiating a settlement on your behalf, our aim is to get the maximum settlement under the terms of your insurance policy. so you can return the damage to its pre-loss state with as little fuss and stress as possible.

An insurance claim loss adjuster is employed by your insurance company to protect their interests. I advocate and negotiate with them on your behalf as a loss assessor, ensuring your interests are protected at all times and that you receive the settlement you deserve.

• We will make an appointment to inspect the damage within 24 hours of notification.
• Notify the insurance company if you have not done so already.
• Provide guidance to source contractors to locate and or stop leaks etc.
• Advise and guide you through the entire process.
• Arrange an interim payment for alternate accommodation costs if required.
• Advise businesses how to stay in operation and best options following a loss.
• Compile the entire claim for buildings, contents, consequential loss and increased costs of working etc while avoiding you having to source quotes.
• Negotiate a settlement ensuring your full entitlements are realised under the terms of their policy in an open and transparent way. Everything is discussed in the strictest of confidence.
• Pursue payment of the settlement cheque and retention payments.

The last thing you want is to have to negotiate with the experts acting for the insurance company. We can offer you the help, support and experience that you require.

In the past we have managed to get payment for many claims when it was thought that all was lost. Get in touch with us NOW to discuss your claim. Never give up!

It’s never too late to engage with a loss assessor. The sooner the better but you can contact us at any state of the process. We have intervened on stalled and rejected claims in the past and turned them from rejections to success.

Give Sean a call for a free, no obligation chat and see where you can go from here.

While Manicle Property Claims is based in Kilkenny, it offers a nationwide service.