Month: October 2019

Prepare Your Home for Lorenzo, 8 Things You Need to Do Now

Is your home storm ready? Hurricane Lorenzo is hitting speeds of 250kph as it hurtles across the Atlantic, potentially in our direction. Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Eoghan Murphy has warned that potentially “ferocious and dangerous” storm surges are expected when Storm Lorenzo reaches Ireland later this week.

All too often, Manicle Property Insurance Claims deal with the unfortunate consequences of the storm damage. With a little preparation you can reduce risk and the stress that storm damage can do to your home.

Here are our top 8 tips:

  1. Determine your risk, keep a close eye on Met Eireann’s and Meta Alert Ireland updates.
  2. Take all necessary precautions to secure your property. Secure moveable objects in your garden, such as trampolines, tables and chairs etc.
  3. Keep gutters, downpipes and drains clear.
  4. Have an emergency kit. This kit should include enough water, necessary medications, important documents and paperwork, a first aid kit, flashlight, and a radio (make sure you have batteries for them too!).
  5. Have you enough of the basic food supplies in your home so that you can be self-sufficient for a few days if the power goes or you cannot go to the shop. And of course, as storm Ophelia proved, stock up on the nation’s favourite food, bread!!
  6. If you are in an area prone to flooding, get ready ahead of time by purchasing sandbags at your local hardware store or you can make your own.
  7. With a storm approaching, don’t forget friends and relatives that might have special needs or medical issues, who made need help.
  8. Understand your insurance cover. Check you have your property adequately insured!! A high percentage of homeowners are under insured and leaving themselves short thousands of euro in the unfortunate event of a claim.

If you suffer property damage you can call me at any time for advice and I will provide a free consultation and advise you on the key steps to take post-loss.

Take care,

Piotr Jankowski, Ashbourne

Outstanding service, professional approach. Putting customer first and focusing on what’s best for us. After the house fire, Sean has been more than helpful from day one. Provided guidance and support through this difficult time, got involved in the process to get us back to our home in efficient time. Me and my family are very grateful and feeling luck that we met Sean. Thank you Sean, highly recommended.

Luka Slusarczyk, Wexford

I have no hesitation in giving 5 stars rating and recommending Manicle Property Insurance Claims services to anyone. Sean’s professional approach was second to none. We faced a difficult time and Sean managed our insurance claim case entirely through all steps with very good final result. His experience and knowledge go beyond what you may expect. He was fully focused on the best result for us and we felt we were in good hands.